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Baking From 

The Heart

Mitra has had a passion for baking for as long as she can recall. As a teenager, she started making Persian food and pastries in her mother's kitchen. Her enthusiasm for improvements and trying new recipes led her to enroll in many baking classes, ranging from dry and wet pastries to cake production and decoration, and even bread making. However, her gravitation towards art making goes beyond the kitchen; around the same time, she earned diplomas in professional artificial flower making (using different materials such as clay, fabric and metals), as well as drawing and painting.Thus, infusing her skills from different mediums has led to her special success in cake decoration: her life passion. When she starts a new cake, she looks at it like she would look at a canvas while painting. As the taste and looks of her cakes gained popularity among friends and family, Mitra finally started teaching her own baking classes inside her kitchen in Tehran, Iran.

After immigrating to the U.S, she started working for Sugar Butter Flour Bakery in Sunnyvale, CA. Upon completion of 700 hours of their program, Mitra received two more certificates in production and decoration. Simultaneously, in order to learn the methods and terminology used in her new environment, she completed cake design courses at Mission College. At the Bakery, Mitra successfully designed some of the best Custom 3D cakes for all occasions such as birthday, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers and so on. One of her wedding cakes was selected for Bay Area wedding Show in Campbell, CA which led the Bakery to be added to the list of top Bakery Shops of the Bay.

After her relocation to the East Bay, Mitra started a new chapter at Katrina Rozelle Pastry, continuing her work as their Custom Cake Specialist. She gained invaluable new experiences and was able to design some of their best and most expensive custom 3D cakes.

In addition, Mitra was involved in the opening of Faz Bakery in downtown Danville, CA. She was given the opportunity to use her many years of knowledge and experience in the industry to formulate the grand opening of this bakery which consisted of menu design, recipe collection and much more. At the Grand Opening event, Mitra made the biggest and most outstanding cake of her career; a bride standing 4 and half feet tall (as seen on the left).

When it comes to her work, Mitra's philosophy has always remained the same: she specializes in the transformation of your imagination to a reality you can taste. There is no shape or form or material that is off limits. Her motivation is nothing but the happiness her art can bring to your most memorable gatherings and celebrations. Every time she sees a customer's surprised look at the finished product, she remembers once again why she does what she does. She will leave it up to you to come and have a taste!

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